Early By 3 Minutes

Not late today. It’s Monday. Later I had to go and pay the bills for the tax. What else? I haven’t start working when it’s 10.30am. CN is back, and so is IC. TN not here again, don’t know why…

Just got back in the office from lunch. Got trapped by the rain and stayed at a cafeteria at Lau Par Sat till now. Then as I was walking back to the office, behind my new colleague – CD… *cough* I saw that she’s wearing a green panties under her rather translucent flowery skirt. Well, her figure’s ain’t THAT bad… alright though… No other comments.

My brain is… hibernating now. I can’t think. I’m not joking. Do I look like I’m joking? It’s Monday. It’s always the case. Just how bad it is. Today… it’s VERY bad. I just paid my income tax and the internet for my house. Sigh… Money again. It’s always money. Raining still… so cold. *YAWN*

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