Oh gross… I can’t find my cup again. I think I really need to bring another cup and this time round, I shall not be lazy and washed it on my own. It’s a bit gross, to think about it – sharing cups with… you-know-who… *eeukk* I don’t even know if I’ll get any disease or not. Or maybe later I should go and buy a cup somewhere… But here got anywhere that sell cheap cups? Hmm… Should get those with my names. Sigh…

I don’t know who to tell, what to say. *LOST* BY just asked me if it’s alright to go TW. Because if we stay in SG… we will be in the GREY area… How? What should I do? How to tell mum and dad? And Zhu Zhu? Half a year, after that discuss again. Half a year… that’s like 6 months… It’s either there or PHP. Of course TW la! But… but…

I just told NN about it and just now she called me. She seems lost. From what she was saying, she don’t really agree with me going TW. The reason was not because of anything but just that it will be difficult to do the deal. =.=”’ Seriously I wasn’t really that happy because it’s like, she wants me to be here just to deal with the project. Hey… I DID mention to her that for me, anything can change. I could possibly just go anywhere anytime. And I’m also unhappy with the fact that she wants to get someone in too. HELLO! We already divided the money into 2, who else you want to introduce? Just to coordinate?? And how much? I’m not that willing seriously. Plus the fact that right now you ain’t doing anything. I’m alright still because you are preparing to go Australia. But I don’t even know when you are going, or IF you are really going. And you don’t seem to also want to start anything. WTF.

Cardio mix was fun. I enjoyed it but I got a headache after that. And I even got more headache after I reached home. Yes, it’s the TW thing. NN told me a lot of things, especially on the infringement part. Hmm… is it that serious? JY asked me to ask a lot of things. He said I stayed in this company for way too long unless the money is good (which it isn’t that bad). Zhu Zhu… just don’t really want me to go overseas but even if I really did, he’s alright. How? Tomorrow I take MC. Headache.

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