Getting The Information

Alright, I just finished talking to BY. I think I should be going TW if the benefits are alright. 6 months… should pass very fast right?

Die… I thought CT never confirm but just now she sms me, saying that today meet at 7pm at Clarke Quay. Then there’s the G2000 thing at 6.30pm at Orchard. Probably I’m meeting Zhu Zhu for movie. *GASP* Where should I go?

I love my job. I love what I’m doing, I really do. And I love this company and the people here (generally). I love this industry although I probably still know nuts). And I love my family, of course my boyfriend too, who is so cute and always making me smile, what’s more, he always supported me in the things that I want to do (except going for exotic dance) including crazy things. ^^ I REALLY REALLY LOVE MY LIFE!

Busy until CRAZY. After work, we decided to go to the G2000 branch at OUB Centre but because it closes at 7.30pm so we had to rush. Rush is alright but at 7.20pm, LC and MF said they were coming so we had to “loiter” around till they come but in the end, there wasn’t enough credit to buy. Next year, I’ll get the card on my own. By the time I leave there, it’s already 8pm. So I only met CT and DP at 8.30pm at Clarke Quay (I had to rush there). It was nice meeting them, but as I was going to watch Red Cliff Part 1 with Zhu Zhu, I had to leave by 9.30pm. But in the end that stupid Zhu Zhu still get angry and was grumbling. In the end, I never talk to him for the whole journey till the movie. Talk for what? I’m late because the main purpose is to buy shirt for him what! Red Cliff wasn’t too bad. ^^

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