When Will Sign AoL?

I read in the Punggol forum and someone had already received the AoL. Why hadn’t I received mine? I want to take the leave from Americano. Damn… I need to check on the JLPT 3 also. Don’t believe I cannot pass that stupid test! CC sent out her email already. Pastel blue. I need to find a dress of that colour. Just went to paid the bills for my OCBC then got one old lady and a guy (seems like her son) who don’t know how to withdraw money. English don’t know, Chinese also don’t know. Then how?

Hungry… Starting to feel hungry already. What should I eat? There isn’t much around here. Sigh… Tonight going KTV with my colleagues. Just now HS came to ask me. Not very nice to turn them down, especially when its asked by WT (weird). Well, I’ll try to go back early, anyway, I’m really tired. *YAWN* Okay, I think I need to go and buy some food. Will go 7-11 to take a look. Today is the 11th of July! I got my driving license 7 years ago!

Oh it’s 7pm already and they are STILL in the meeting. Sigh… By 7.30pm if they haven’t come out, then I’ll just go and meet my mum and sister already. Waste my time one.

I don’t don’t feel exactly very bad BUT I don’t feel good when apparently it seems like ALL ALONG, ONLY she will be meeting him. What is this? So what if buddy? Does that mean after marriage STILL buddy? I’ve got so many buddies, male one too. And then? I just felt that you have to distance yourself a little, especially on this kind of one-to-one meeting. *Pissed*

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