SP Family Day @ Zoo

So sleepy… Will be meeting him later. He went to buy breakfast for me to “shu zhui”. *LOL* Actually, I’m not very pissed also. Just that I prefer to have an earlier notice, and not till too late into the night. After all, it’s still not so nice right? Going out already.

Met DW on the bus before I met WZ at AMK Interchange. It was a sunny morning and we both were rather sleepy. We reached the zoo at about 10am, took the goodies bag and set off for our FAMILY DAY! ^^ Well, there wasn’t exactly anything new but it’s just that it’s been a long long time since WZ went to the zoo, so at first, we thought of going back at around 11am or 12pm. But in the end, because he stopped at every “station” to see the feeding of the animals, we left at around 3pm totally exhausted! But looking at him, it seems so funny. Especially when he’s looking at the cheetah, lion and white tiger! So cute… Why is he so cute?

We reached home and collapsed. Had wanted to sleep at 8pm. But in the end, while we were trying to sleep, we were so hungry so ended up eating macaroni. And then he went to play Xbox while I just loiter around. And when we were trying to sleep at 11pm, we were hungry again and ended up eating ice-cream =.=”’ Sigh… We slept at about 1am.

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