The Not-So-Grey Day

Damn… I hate this kind of email early in the morning. F just wrote a sentence: From now on she will not discuss with anyone unless they are in PHP or OUT of SG. Damn… I really seriously don’t really like her. And HIM. TMD. Spoil my day…

Hmm… Looks like I will have to go TW REAL SOON if everything (terms & conditions) goes smoothly. After National Day.

~News Buzz~
That I.PM resigned already! Hmm… 7 months, not too bad. Still can stay here for that long. But serious, he not suitable for the culture here.

Alright, I’m going to Taiwan on the 10 August 2008. Have to make it fast. Just now heard from EY that he’s at loggerheads with IC. Apparently IC wanted to give EY’s and HT’s hp number to the business users but EY was very against it. So EY complained to WT and in the end IC only gave HT’s number to the users. And then IC wrote an email to EY telling him that if he’s not happy working in PHP, he can jolly well just go back in SG. So EY, feeling pissed, forwarded the email to the HR and told her to transfer him back to SG, else he will resigned. In the end, EY had a tele-conference with him for 2 hours. He’s going for the support manager position in PHP.

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