Zhu’s First Paper – BE

10am sharp. Zhu Zhu should be having his first paper now… *PRAY* Let’s hope the questions he picked came out…

I was about to login and write something but thought of going to get something to drink and eat first. But as I was in the pantry, I met the I.PM and so I just chatted with him. Guess what? He bought a house at Hougang, opposite DYGG’s house. =.=”’ Well, let’s hope I don’t get to accidentally meet him. And… SK confirmed pregnant. That day I DID ask her but shh… better keep it low key. Yes, what do I want to say originally… I sort of, finish the BRD for HBW. But too hungry to continue so threw it to NN, who wasn’t online now.

Zhu Zhu said his paper wasn’t that well done but what to do, it’s over already. Let’s just hope his next paper will be better! 2 more hours and I’m meeting him for dinner. BY just gave me like 5 more new tasks. Sigh… and I’m really so going to TW…

Had fish head soup at Kovan with Zhu Zhu. Ate until so full. We went home after that and I started playing the neopets. Who knows in the end, it was my mum playing because we found a game with chinese words. Godmum came over too!

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