Project HBW

It probably really wasn’t that easy to help people create web portal, especially when NN isn’t in SG. Or should I say, when both of us are not in the same country, same area, and can’t meet often. We had intended to discuss online yesterday but I came back late (by one hour) and she already wasn’t online. There’s a lot of things which I couldn’t discuss with her. I’m not sure if she read the document yet though. But from the start till now, I’m the one like doing EVERYTHING. I really meant everything. Yes, she did try to help, but not in the design. But… normally I’m the one who handles the design so… Oh well… Jon called me yesterday but I never heard it. He sent an email on the design that the guys wanted. Back to work. Suddenly… I think there’s a lot of things that I need to do.

Stomach don’t feel good. Shit a whole pool of shit but stomach still pain pain… Damn… I need to clear 5 more shits too, using Use Case Diagram. How?

Ate chicken rice. Crazy… Porridge cost $3.50. I ate the chicken rice only $2.00! What has the world become? Stomach starting to ~~ruu~mm~~bbl~leee~~~ Darling sleeping… =.=”’ Alright, at least I know I’ll be getting my own notebook and a headset.

There seems to be so many things that I need to do. But I only got less than 13 days to finish everything. How? Later Jon will be calling me to discuss about the Project HBW. Hope everything goes smoothly. I really hope so. There’s so many other things that I want to do. Maybe I should list them down again. I’m always OFF the track!

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