Rideout Tea Garden

Not sure if its because my Darling wasn’t sleeping beside me, or was it the fact that I knew I’ve got a lot of things to do before my holiday such that I couldn’t sleep. Well, I did doze off yesterday night at about 1am before brushing my teeth but I woke up before 8am today. Sleepy still but just couldn’t sleep. So I proceedly on to kill the virus in my PC, which luckily I did after a long while, and then tested the mp3, played some games and finished stringing that long beaded necklace. Now, I think I’m going to be late again. I just had my lunch. Going to rest a short while before going out. Supposed to meet Zhu Zhu at 3pm at his house and then after that to Rideout Tea Garden to study. Tomorrow… I’m going to cut my hair… *evil grin*… ~Life cannot be too boring. You need “spikes” at times.~

Alright, it’s damn packed at the Tea Garden. We missed the U-turn, so in the end we went to the Mac at AMK. But you know what? It’s difficult to find free parking lots. We were there for like an hour, an in the end, we decided to go back to my house and study. Damn… I really seem to go and “fetch” him.

He did study for a while but after that continues to play his game… my sister shouldn’t have introduce the new game to him… aaahh… Planning my things… so many things to do and take note. Damn.

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