So Never Going To ENZI

Alright, I won’t be going to ENZI to cut my hair already. I seriously have no idea what her idea of “nice haircut” is. And she always only cut ONE haircut for my Zhu Zhu. That’s it.

Stupid Japanese store… Just now for lunch, we crossed over the bridge and went to eat at the coffeeshops over there. Then I went to order the Japanese food – Omu rice and Salmon teriyaki set. The Omu rice was for HY, so after I already ordered, I suddenly remember and told the lady that I don’t want chilli sauce for it. You can see that she’s not very happy, so she said unhappily, “Girl, next time must say other request together, not after that”. I’m like fine, alright, I’ll take note. Fine if she just stopped here. But after that, she said, “The omu rice don’t have chilli one and next time please say it together with your order…” and she kept on grumbling… TMD… If I remember, I WOULD have MENTION it TOGETHER with THE ORDER. Shit her. Does she need to keep on repeating?

Saw a wedding photo of Carina Lau and Tony Leung… Finally got married after so long… So nice… When am I getting married? Hmm… Sometimes I wish I was married but at times when he mentioned “So that means when we get our house, then my mum will move in with us since we are married for more than 1 or 2 years already”, it just somehow dampens the idea of getting married so early. He don’t understand, he just don’t. Not that I don’t want to live with him mum, I just want to feel how it’s like just the 2 of us staying alone together, in a flat, NOT a room ONLY. Look, I’m not trying to abandon his mum here, but I think I have the rights to say something right? Especially when I don’t feel comfortable. I think I’ll be damn disappointed if I can’t even fulfill that… not considering the fact that I don’t even know when I’m getting married, and I’m not really considering this earlier because of his study and work. I think I hardly bring this topic up either!

Last cardio mix. MY will take over my place from next week onwards. I’m going to watch X-files!

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