Heavy Showers

So cold and so nice to sleep but I’m already in the office. Sigh… It would be really good if today is a Sunday. Just now met YF in the pantry and he said I look fatter with the short hair… *CRY* I’m SO condemning ENZI!

Alright, that’s it for now. My brain is shutting off… for the session before lunch. Just remember, yesterday the RN messaged me out of nowhere again. Same conversation everytime. But I asked him about ET, and today, he removed the message “R…… L…. E…” from his MSN. Hmm… Maybe I shouldn’t have asked? Hmm… Oh well, I meeting Zhu Zhu for lunch. I missed him so much! So long never see him already… Zhu Zhu still the BEST!

So good to see him…

Manhattan fish… Hmm… Had dinner there with Zhu and his mum. Don’t know why… feels tired.

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