Stupid Kim

I think all those people with names – KIM, regardless of male or female, are all rather idiotic. I’m serious. I got woken up by WZ’s sms this morning, from a girl, a colleague, named KIM. What happened? She wanted to swap back the working Saturday with WZ for 2 August. Apparently, EVERYONE needs to go back on the 2 August. And by right, it’s not her working day. But since she swapped it with WZ, it will be her normal working day, which means that she won’t be able to earn the OT money, which cost around $60. Seriously, I think she sounds like those brainless, unethical kind and probably likes to gossip around. Firstly, when you already swapped with someone, it isn’t very nice to tell that person that you want to swap it back. HELLO! I mean, if someone is really free on that day, WHY in the first place would he want to swap with you? And no… can’t tell her anything because she don’t seems to be someone who is reliable. And yes, the company is stupid (so is mine sometimes), how could you give such a last minute notice? Sigh… Now… don’t ask me. I also don’t know what to do. WZ needs to get out of that stupid company that isn’t very welfare, the HRs are stupid probably the admin people too and the salary isn’t that high. Oh… I don’t wish to mention the KIM in my company. Damn… I finished my cereal.

OH darn… I think i’m having sore throat soon. Must be due to the curry chicken I ate just now. So sleepy now. Heard that I will need to shift back to my old seat again… Sigh… but this time, there’s no HB, no EY, no RM… Sigh… EZ not there too… who else will be? *sulk*

Why… the shits cannot be cleared? Why… I never save money? Why… I need to go TW? Why… is the allowance so pathetic? Why… isn’t there any extra tickets to fly back during CNY? I think that’s what BY want to say to me… Oh… this company sucks.

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