Door Closing… *Beep x 5*

There’s a reason why the staff for the MRT kept asking people not to run in the MRT stations, and to stop going in ONCE the red light starts to blink. That is BECAUSE the doors are closing! This morning, I saw this guy dashing down the stairs, almost bumping into other people. Seriously, I wouldn’t care if he fell down, probably I might laugh (in the heart) at him too since he deserves it. BUT, spare a thought for other people! And another guy, whom… probably is trying to be heroic. As the red light starts to blink and the beep sound came out too, he actually use his body to block the door (I think he thought its the elevator’s door) and prevent it from closing and tried to grab a lady to go up the train. I’m not sure if she’s related to him but I think she’s trying to sabo him too. Because she wants to go in, don’t want to go in and of course, logically speaking, with the speed that she’s walking towards the inside, she got that man “crushed” between the doors. Looks brainless to me but well, at least she did apologize for it (not sure if he heard it since he’s already inside the train). Well, that’s my marvellous morning.

Worst lunch I’d ever taken. No, its not the food. It was raining, so we decided to eat at the DuDu cafe, supposedly to be sheltered, though its beside the road. But, the rain and wind was so heavy as we started to eat, till the rain kept pouring in… Yes… we were wet, our food to. BK and VT were very funny. They took out the umbrella to block the rain after that. Indigestion…

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