Stupid China Guy!

I was really very frustrated! Pissed off! I was at the OG in Orchard and was going to try out some clothes. So I went into the fitting room and got a shock. Why? Because there was this guy sitting on the floor of the fitting room. Just for your information, the fitting room is supposed to be OUT OF BOUNDS to male. But after glancing around and saw that there’s a closed door. I assumed that he probably is waiting for his gf so I just let it go. And apparently, they started to talk and from their accent, its quite clear that they are from China. Fine, good that they just came over for a tour. Then the staff attending to the fitting room came in and the lady (that guy’s gf) started talking to the staff:

Lady: Are these clothes from China?
Staff: No. They are made in Singapore.
Stupid Guy: Huh? Are you sure it’s made in Singapore? Should be from China right?
Staff: No, it’s made in Singapore.
Stupid Guy: How is that possible? Singapore everything also don’t have. How can possibly make clothes?
Staff: It’s true. We have a OG factory in Singapore…

TMD… I was furious as I was inside, still changing! Singapore everything also don’t have… What a comment to make when you are in other people’s country. Its a disgrace to his own people! Then why the HELL do you want to come here? Go back to your OWN country then, since there everything ALSO HAVE! Doesn’t he know it’s BECAUSE the labour cost ARE CHEAP in his own country and thats why there are factories there? Damn stupid China guy! Doesn’t he even know how to read the sign? Which if I remember correctly, it’s written in BOTH English and Chinese. He can’t read English, I don’t blame him. But I think he’s blind to not even read the Chinese words! Spoil my whole shopping mood!

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