My Sony Vaio!

Today, I just shifted back to my old seat, you know… the one with the air-con vent right above me. Yes… it’s freezing cold now. And I brought a jacket that AIN’T that thick. I love my old seat (other than the air-con) but now… those sitting around me are different already… No more HB… no more EY… no more EZ… *sob*

LC brought us to eat one Yong Tau Foo near China Square. Not too bad.

Hohoho! Finally got my Sony Vaio! Of course it belongs to the company but I get to bring it to Taiwan! Actually I’m a little excited about going there other than hearing so much news on typhoon etc. But well, its an experience right? And some more my Darling is supporting me on this idea. 6 months, then I’ll decide again. 6 months. It ain’t that long. ^^

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