HK, I’m Coming!

I hardly slept. WZ K.O. in the middle of the bed. I didn’t want to wake him up so I let him continued sleeping. But just as I was about to sleep (on the floor), he woke me up and got me onto the bed. =.=”’ And before I can finally sleep again, it’s time to go… HONG KONG!!! ^^

Sis sent us there, to T1. So excited. Never been to HK before. Too bad sis and Godmum couldn’t make it. It’ll be really nice if they can go too, and DW also. The flight took about 4 hours. Nothing much to do on the plane except sleep. Their airport? Hmm… we sort of alighted at the middle of the “plane park” and took a bus-like transport to the main terminal. There were a lot of people, mainly Chinese, from China. First shock of the day… I went to take the maps and as I turned over, my parents were gone =.=”’ In the end, realised that they went out before us… Dad got a prepaid card, we got the 3-days MTR tickets and set off.

The interior of the Airport Express was very nice, but apparently that applies only to trains of that line. We alighted at Kowloon and took a shuttle bus to Jordan, where… we finally found our hotel (after walking a distance). We were rather shocked at the exterior of the hotel. It was a bit old… and probably dirty. But luckily when we stepped into our room, it actually was rather nice and clean and newly renovated! Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon or something like that, thats the name of the hotel.

Not wanting to waste time, we set off for our journey to Prince Edward and then to Causeway Bay. But seriously, we were too tired to really shop around. And those places, it all seems like pasa-malam. Hmm… and everywhere you go, there seems to be water dripping from the air-con…

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