SS Reaching Today

SS will be reaching today… Hmm… might be a bit weird to have someone stay with me but should be quite alright. Yesterday chatted with YB till almost 5am before we slept. He complained a lot about the company, and the people inside, and whoever that is “attacking” him. Well, I didn’t know that there’s […]

Salary In

I really hate not having internet access in the office AND not having company access in the apartment. It really makes working tiring and troublesome. A lot of things happened today. First, I asked NL for help to find the way to Dakeng. Then after that they decided to go and buy sun biscuits tomorrow. […]

No Boss Day!

Woohoo! BY out to TPE so I’ve got no boss today! Felt better somehow… like more peaceful and in fact, I seems to be more efficient! Went out and have lunch with YB and Leon. Ate some… Shandong food again. Oh… I miss SG’s food… roti prata, mee rebus, chicken rice, small bowl noodle… and […]