Hong Kong Disneyland

We took our breakfast opposite our hotel. The food? So-so only. Well, we set off at about 10.30am and made our way to the Disneyland! It was a rather long trip but luckily there’s seats all the way till the Disneyland stop. There were a lot of people (again). The Disney’s train was very cute. Inside, the windows were the shape of a Mickey’s head and so were all the handles.

It was a very hot day. We wore caps and took out our umbrellas. Nice. Fun. Not too bad. I like the Buzz Light Year game where you shoot at all the bad guys. But the only pissed off thing was when we were queue-ing for the merry-go-round, there was this uncle in front (alone) and when the queue in front shifted, he never shift much and stood there. So WZ, seeing me under the sun, he asked the uncle if can shift in front by a little bit. But this uncle, started nagging in Cantonese “Why need to rush? You queue here will have your turn finally. Hot? I’m also under the sun before, all those people also under the sun before, can’t you wait?” =.=”’ WZ, of course, was so pissed off, so much he wanted to cut over that uncle (because he asked us to). Sigh… don’t understand these people, it’s not as if we wanted to cut queue, just asking if can shift forward. Then yes… everywhere there’s Chinese (CN) and one irritating thing is, they DON’T seem to realise, or take note, or care whether people are taking photos or not. Because they can just cut RIGHT THROUGH. No manners. And not forgetting the fact that they like to push through the crowds. Sigh… seriously, it’s such a disgrace to their own country. Not that people want to condemn them, they just give people the impression that they are NOT courtesy AT ALL! Well, other than that, I’m quite fine with Disneyland in HK. “That” as in so many CN around with no manners.

Next is the Peak. As much as our legs probably were all so tired, we decided to go up and take a look. Yes… CROWDS AGAIN. CN AGAIN. PUSHING AGAIN. -.-”’ Why WHy WHY? *disappointed* The scenery was nice… very nice… We K.O. back in hotel.

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