Today is Macau day. A trip which was totally unexpected and not planned for. But because my Dad kept asking about it, we decided to just make a trip down since none of us have been there before. We went for our breakfast at a restaurant and had dim sum at Prince Edward. Then we proceed to the Ferry Terminal at Tsim Tsai Shui. The trip took us about 1 hour plus. Yes, again and again, CN everywhere. Not sure if it’s a good thing. But when we finally reach Macau. Gosh… it seems so deserted, other than the Casino. We went into one of them – Sands. Dad and Mum both won a bit. WZ got attracted by the exotic dancers. Me? Sigh… Macau was so boring. We walked along the streets and as we approached more of the Central, there were more people but still… Macau is a boring place. Go there ONLY if you want to go to the Casino. We took a cab back to the Ferry Terminal and my Dad was so funny. He gave the cabby $20 and asked him to keep the change. But in fact, the fare was $26. =.=”’ My Dad thought it’s $2.60.

We walked along Tsim Tsai Shui and went to the KFC for our dinner. The chicken was nice. But we were rather tired too.

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