Preparing For TW Trip

Today is Tuesday. I’m supposed to meet those HBW guys at night. Not confirmed yet. Jon said he will call me and discuss later. So sleepy still. I missed my Darling… seems like so long since I last saw him. Contemplate on staying at his place? I actually would love to because of the fact that I can see him everyday… But… But… I love staying in my own room too! I’ve got all the things that I needed, other than the fact that my PC’s broken down and now I’m using company’s property (shit). Will change it once I’m back from TW. Really need to save money.

It’s really very very bad planning! Zhu they all were asked to go back and work on midnight. And so they did. He went to school after work, and rushed back home after school, and rushed back to work. But at 11.55pm, they called and told him that there isn’t much things to do but since they are there already, just stay until 3am. But in the end, about 1.30am, they asked them to go back since there really is NOTHING to do and expected them to come in to work at 9am as usual. What kind of planning is that? I’m quite sure they can plan BETTER than this!

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