Weird Dream

I had a dream last night. I can still remember very clearly because it seems so real. I dreamt that I asked JY out, just feeling bored and was sitting in his car, chatting. Then suddenly I realised that actually I still have some feelings for him and I felt like giving him a hug. Yes, I’m still with WZ, and he with HM. Then we went into a supermarket and apparently I think I told him that =.=”’ Then I think after that… Tyra came in and asked me to open a CD. *LOL* Wednesday already. I seriously need to pack my luggage.

Packed half of my luggage already. The time is 2.15pm. Tonight I’ll be meeting Ah Boon they all for dinner at Sakae @ Wheelock Place. Zhu will not be joining. But I’ll be meeting him for movie tonight. Hmm… 4 more days and i’ll be in Taiwan. Don’t really feel very happy about it. But… I don’t really have much of a choice at this point.

5.28pm and I’m still at home. Sometimes I’m really lazy to go out but then… I can’t possibly stay at home all the while right? Better keep the notebook now. Tyra is here. Think my eyesight is getting bad.

My darling is so sweet! Remember I told him that I wanted a bear bear to accompany me to Taiwan? He got me one baby pooh in eeyore suit! So cute! And he got motive one! He asked me to put the notebook in the boot but when I opened it, I saw the present! ^^ So sweet, so sweet! ^^

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