One Day In Office

080808, thats the date of today. Nice? Zhu Zhu yesterday said that we will get married on the 101010… hmm… wonder if he’s saying for real or just joking? Went to check up quite a few things. I got my ear piece, and those things that SK wanted me to bring over to Nicole. Then yes, the visa can only be 1 month for now. And the cpf will be deducted, capped at $4,500, which after some serious thinking, it ain’t too bad. Then… I paid my bills, so that WZ will have lesser things to do. Think that’s about it for now. I’m still transferring the things in my PC.

I don’t really have the mood to work today. C’mon, it’s only ONE day and I’ve been resting (on leave) for the past week! How do you expect me to have mood and stay awake and work?! Well… no boss here so… *giggles*… Guess… that’s all in the office already.

Watching the Olympic 2008 @ Beijing. It’s really a grand opening and luckily I managed to see Singapore’s team coming out! (Though it comprises of quite a few Chinese who became Singapore citizen)

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