@ Taichung Office

First day in the office. No, I’m not used to it yet. The toilet seems deserted. Never slept well last night. And I just realised that there’s a surcharge to the sms that I received because mine is Pay As You Roam. Hmm… how? Should I activate the roaming service?

Just had my lunch at this small coffee house… Oh… I know why my sister’s friend said that there will be very little things to eat for the both of us. From my first sight of those dishes… my first thought – OMG… am I going to eat that for like… 6 months?! *faintz*… Waiting for another 15 minutes to call Zhu Zhu up. Think he’s rather busy now. Still haven’t taken his lunch.

Almost 7pm. Had a long chat with my family just now. So funny… 29 more days… Hmm… think for tomorrow, I’ll get Nicole to help me buy air tickets. ^^ Hungry already…

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