Feng Jia Night Market

Good morning! I actually slept (considerably) quite well yesterday night. What did I do? I switched off the lights and opened the door. The air-con still switched on though. I tried to switch it off but was too hot in the middle of the night, so I went to switch it on. Today is… Thursday, not too bad, 25 more days to pass in TW and I’m back in SG! Woohoo! This morning, there’s no water in the apartment. Luckily I’m not brushing my teeth half way or what. *Phew*

Just went to view 2 apartments with BY and Nicole. One, a little old, with 4 bedrooms. The MBR was huge! With a walk-in-wardrobe and sauna bathtub too! But a little too expensive – TWD$45,000. Another one, looks a lot newer, rather class and it cost like TWD$25,000 for a 2-room. Hmm… it’s not cheap to live in Taichung. Going to rain soon.

Wow! It’s so crowded! Night market… I’ve been to the KL one, which was rather squeezy. The HK one which was crowded with too many people too. But the one in Taichung, it’s crowded but because of the space, it seems more spacious and easier to walk! And there’s really A LOT OF FOOD, out of which, a lot I don’t really eat. But oh well, its an eye-opening. And I bought like 8 necklaces, each cost only TWD$50! But I would say that their earrings are really expensive but really very tempted to buy! Next time I’ll bring my Darling here! I miss him so much…

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