‘Wall’ Not Sound Proof-ED

So tired today, think I slept too late yesterday. It’s Friday already! Almost one week… 3 more weeks to go? Seriously, it’s not that long, but it’s not that short either. If given a chance, I would still want to be with my family. Go tour? My purpose of coming here is to save money. If I go tour and spent it all, then what’s the point of me coming all the way here? I don’t wish to work overseas for long term.

Took my lunch, at a Thai restaurant. Ordered too much. Now really full. Heard that TN might be coming down. Yeah! Got someone younger finally. ^^ Hmm… there’s really a lot of things to buy over here. I’m really controlling until so hard. How? But I need to save money!

I just overheard a meeting supposedly not a very nice thing to overhear. Though H did mention it to me a few days ago, I didn’t know it would be so serious. The meeting involves LC, IC, LL and BY. Apparently H was given 3 months to prove himself. But now when 3 months wasn’t up, they were discussing already, triggered by H’s own email to WT. That’s the thing I don’t like about WT. He always want to solve, too fast, without giving details. He wants people to think, regardless of any direction, or maybe, as long as its in his direction. Anyway, IC seems rather pissed because H always don’t want to help her do things. LC sticks to her 3 months decision. LL was trying to prove that H got do things, but in a way, it seems like covering her own ass (heard recently she also got shot). BY, as usual, trying to give chance to people unless it’s seriously a gone case. Sigh…

I think… I’m feeling the “home sick” kind of feeling… only 6 days gone. Serious, I don’t like to be overseas alone without my family members, none of them. Yes, I did chat with my Darling every night… but… its still different… Save money…

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