The First Saturday

9.30am, I’m in the living room of the apartment. Uncle BY still sleeping… I’m… I don’t really know what to do. It’s quiet. I’m here and Darling is at work. Trying to plan my 6 months trip. Hmm…

Went to the Dong Hai night market and the Yi Shu Jie Fang. Not too bad. Something different from what we have in SG. BUT its a bit messy compared to the Feng Jia night market. Too many cars and bikes moving around. But I bought 4 pairs of earrings! Gosh… its really difficult to control the spending. I bought one book too!

That is why I don’t like to be overseas… I feel a bit down whenever I know that my Darling is out and I couldn’t chat with him. And worst thing I can’t sleep!

Wow! He Jun Xiang is so cute! I couldn’t sleep so I went to watch the TW drama – Why Why Love by the cast in Devil Beside You. He’s SOOOOOO CUTE! (Of course my Zhu Zhu also very cute!). Then I managed to psycho SS to come to TW, probably in the last week of August. ^^ Well, I’ll be going home after that soon! 8 September! Manage to talk to Zhu Zhu later in the night … so nice to sleep after that…

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