Shock Of My Life

This morning, when I reached office, DYGG immediately messaged me. Well, at first I thought its just normal questions, asking me how’s the life here but after that he asked if I’ve been talking to DW lately… Sounds fishy right? So in the end, he told me that he saw in Facebook, that DW is attached, to this guy called Kyris. Well, not surprising. So I asked him to send me the photo. I was drinking the water then and I almost puke when I saw the guy IN the photo. Guess who I saw? HONG CHENG GUANG! *faintz* OMG… it can’t be real right? But apparently I think its real… Hmm… First love… OMG.

Gosh… I didn’t know that trojan horse can be so scary… To RDP into each computer? Hmm… maybe mine already HACKED! Too many shocking news in a day… No good no good… But at least I’ve got a good news. I’m going back on the 5th Septemter!

Not sure why but I don’t seem to have the mood to work today. Is it because I’m too tired or? Hmm… I’m not like the BY or YB who has got a family. I don’t have much liabilities. To me… working is not really that compulsory… yet. Damn. Heard WT coming to TW also. Damn. I think I will start to detest my life in TW SOON… *Imagine seeing him at work EVERYDAY* *PUKE*

I’m really losing my concentration. My focus… How? Should I join the gym? There’s quite a bit of classes here but cost like $200/month. Hmm… Will I have the time? Do you still remember why you came to Taiwan? To save money and then have the options to leave this company! No… I think you should drop the idea. Although $200 isn’t a lot but… will you use those facilities in the first place. Some more with 2 uncles. Oh damn… I have the idea that WT will be coming!

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