Cheap Japanese Language Book!

It’s another day without internet, or to be more precise, a day with 30 minutes of slow internet. I managed to log into SG network and launch the Opera browser, and then from there, logged into the web messenger. But it was really damn slow… Well… some happiness are short-lived, I guessed… After 30 minutes, I was kicked out. But in a way, maybe its better. I don’t feel safe using internet through that. Have a feeling that whatever I surfed, I’m being WATCHED. I’m not saying that right now, I wasn’t. But at least I don’t feel it. All I asked for is a little bit of privacy – hope nobody reads this blog.

Today received another email – Cindy and Hardi are leaving. Wow…

Zhu Zhu went KTV with Boldwin and gang today. Not sure if he’s back. But never mind, later then call him. I needed some time on my own. Haven’t been able to do my own things since the day I reached. I meant those things that I had initially PLANNED, like for example, study JL, do crafts etc… I have no idea what I’m busy about? And then just now, BY & YB kept asking me if want to play MJ but I refused. I hardly had the time to rest, why would I want to play MJ? It’s not as if I like to play? And you know what I realised? The JL books here are DAMN CHEAP! I got two Level 3 books for like TWD$358! Thats like $18 for 2 books! Shit… Maybe I should consider getting the Level 2 and Level 1 books too! *LOL*

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