Damn Tired *Yawn*

Its another long day without internet. And what makes it worse… I’m very tired. Talked till almost 1am+ with Darling yesterday. So I hadn’t had enough sleep. And there’s nothing to distract me away from my work. So I stare at the computer and tried to do my usual work. But the eyes just kept closing more and more. Finally now at 9.40pm, I’m waiting for Zhu Zhu to call me but maybe I’ll take a short nap soon. YB cooked maggi mee for the both of us. BY went out to eat because he didn’t want to eat maggi mee. Well, thats it for today. My eyes… almost totally closed already… By the way, my little cousin failed his English again, 21.5/50, better than the 6 points of course. And his Maths is 31/50… Oh well… let’s hope he gets better.

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