High Class KTV Lounge

OMG… These are the only 3 words that I can say when I first step into Qian Gui, one of the KTV branch in TW, like KBox. But if you want to compare the standard, hey, there’s totally nothing to compare. QG wins KBox hands down! Its like a hotel. 7 storey building. You first “check-in”, then there’s a lady wearing in smart uniform to bring you to the room. And the room is huge! We only have 3 person, but the rooms are those for like 6-8 people! And the songs are rather updated (especially mandarin ones). What’s best of all, it doesn’t cost a lot. $60+ for 3 of us on a Saturday, for 5 hours, including some food like a burger, 10 sotong balls and 1 bowl of fruits! No drinks though but still, it’s good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Its near “freedom” road by the way.

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