Weird People Around

There’s really a lot of weird people around. Well, I’m not saying that I’m one of them but… I woke up late today. The alarm clock rang at 7.30am. I pressed it off and continued to sleep. The next thing that I know, its already 9am. Yes, I actually overslept. I guessed I must be too tired from ALL the walking. Imagine… not being able to rest over the weekend. And during weekdays, I have to walk a long distance just to have some dinner. Anyway, we took our breakfast as usual and reached the office. I have no idea why there’s no battery in my notebook. I thought I switched it off last night but apparently I didn’t. Forgotten what I did. No, I don’t remember doing anything. Anyway, I had to power it up before it could start up. Then came JW’s email, asking when will that project me ready. But the way he asked it… it’s like… assuming all the processes are already completed. Sigh… BY going back today, so good… today, I’ll start to write my blog in a text file first…

Just came back from lunch. Just now went to buy pineapple tarts. Hopefully its nice. Then just heard from Lil’ Pat that YC will be going to London this weekend with Des. Sigh… nobody left in SG office already. Stepping stone… remember what EY said before?

Write also wrong. Never write also wrong. So should I write or not? Its really so difficult to balance, isn’t it? Went to eat Teppanyaki with YB and AL. Hmm… all I can say is… seems like walking around with uncle BY is more fun. At least he walks slower, looks around more, and appreciate the things around. And most importantly, he will pause and ask if I want to go into shops. Uncle YB… hmm… maybe not as sensitive. But well… the 2 of them kept talking about work as we were eating. About HK, about EY… are they really that good too?

Darling got an interview from NTUC income, as senior executive (contact centre). But i forgotten to ask him when is the interview.

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