SS Reaching Today

SS will be reaching today… Hmm… might be a bit weird to have someone stay with me but should be quite alright. Yesterday chatted with YB till almost 5am before we slept. He complained a lot about the company, and the people inside, and whoever that is “attacking” him. Well, I didn’t know that there’s so many wars around. And apparently those people that worked with him for a little while, all left. Why is that so? Thats still a mystery but we can observed a little bit more.

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep and woke up at 9am+. Probably because I knew that SS will be coming. YB finally woke up at 1pm+ but by then, I was too tired, so I went to take a nap. We finally went for our lunch at 3pm at another MOS Burger, which I thought I saw on our way back from Shui Wu previously. And I was right! Hmm… I think my memory ain’t that bad right? *sticks out tongue*

So funny… YB was afraid that I will get lost, so he accompanied me to the train station to pick SS up. Sigh… I think I really look too kiddish and blur to take care of myself. But I think actually I’m okay right? Anyway, managed to pick SS up at 7.30pm. She’s… getting “bigger”.

Went to the FJNM with her… Bad start… Before we even really started, her slippers broke and had to buy another pair. Why would anyone wear a pair of slippers to go hiking?!! =.=”’ Thats the first day only… crowded…

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