The Stupid Scenery Tour

I have no idea how SS managed to convince me to go and look at the sceneries with her… to get near to the nature but… sigh… Big mistakes, I really mean BIG.

We started out early in the morning, well, she woke me up at 7am+ on a SUNDAY. Then we went to Chun Shui Tang for our breakfast. Ordered too much but alright. We then took a cab to the train station, the normal one… and spent quite a while to look for the bus. Bought a bread though… The bus came, which was rather cheap, and we are on our way to the Dakeng Yuan Huan. Hey, when you look at the map, you wouldn’t know how it will be like. But when we reached there, the name ACTUALLY only meant a roundabout =.=”’ and… there’s hardly anything to see. Well… she wanted to go on those nature paths so I’m like… OKAY… But you know, looking at the map… its a damn long route in…

We walked and walked and walked and decided to go only to the Ya Ge Hua Yuan but in the end… TMD… it says close for renovation. =.=”’ Sigh… we traced our way back… 30 minutes… of walking under the bloody hot sun. Finally we went to eat the red bean ice. At that point, it was the nicest red bean ice that I’d ever eaten. And maybe we both were a bit goggy from the sun. Somehow, the boss looks quite handsome to us (though he’s a bit old).

Since our trip with the nature didn’t went as smooth as we expected, we were left with too much time. So in the end, we went to get my things – the beads. BUT… I didn’t really know the address and didn’t manage to find it. So I used the helpline – SMS my Darling. Luckily he’s around and we found it! Trust me… it was like going to heaven… so many beads around. I spent like NT$1,400 just on beads! But I’m really so happy! ^^

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