Backache. KTV. Shopping.

Another day. We decided to go to the Natural Science Museum. But I seriously think that the people around here don’t really care about all these tourist attractions and the pace here is really a bit slow because… the museum closes on a MONDAY =.=”’ Sigh… not sure if its me or SS’s luck. We went to SOGO after that, just to kill some time before we go to the KTV but in the end, we both bought a set of lingerie. NICE! And the thing is, its not a push-up but YET it can create a cleaveage! NICE!! *evil thoughts… seduce my beloved Zhu Zhu* And SS’s cup… E-normous… Can actually use it to cover my WHOLE face! And I bought a pair of boots! Cost only NT$590, U.P. is NT$1,980. We went to the KTV after that with buffet. NT$674. Shiok! Then we went back to SOGO at night again, to claim the tax. Seriously… its scary. We didn’t really wanted to shop again, but in the end, I bought 3 pairs of earrings and she bought 3 pairs of earrings and 3 necklaces. Oh gosh… for weeks that I’m here, the money I spent on a day is more than those that I spent for weeks!

The first time it rained while I’m here…

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