Alone To Taipei

Woke up and time for SS to go to Taipei alone. Don’t really understand why she likes to shop alone. Maybe I do like it too, if I’ve got LOTS of money to go shopping and take photos. YB might be going to PHP tomorrow… which means I might be here alone. BY will be on leave for the rest of the week… which means I’ve got no boss! *LOL*… Hmm… Wednesday and Thursday… and Friday I’m on my way back! I can live with that ^^

Sometimes I really hate to listen to Jay Chou’s songs because most of his songs will remind me of… Sigh… Is it my fault? Am I happier now? Yes, of course. *smile* I don’t need to think to know that I’m happy now. Am I scare? I think yes, but it ain’t that bad… You know? I feel that… a couple really should not be too far apart for too long. It ain’t really good. I really wish so much to be back home now. 2 more days… just 2 more days… 我忍…

Maybe in a way… its still nicer to sleep alone (excluding sleeping beside my Zhu Zhu, which is a JOY!). First night, she snatched my blanket. Second night, my back got “poked” by 5 fingers as I turned and wanted to lie on my back. Last night, I turned and saw a hand right in front of my face. =.=”’

Oh my… I’ve got no mood to work since 4pm. Today is like a Monday to me – the first day of work after a weekend (of no rest). My legs are aching, from the ‘hiking’ and the ‘shopping’. I drew out a list of things that I felt like doing. Wonder if I have the time to do all of it. I mean, put it this way. I had wanted to come here and study my Japanese Language. But in the end, I managed to touch ONCE only, and thats it. *YAWN* YB still discussing on Skype. It’s already 6.14pm. Should I go back earlier on my own?

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