…Alone In Taichung

Really happy that I’m going back tomorrow! No mood to work already! ^^

Suddenly at 3pm+, YB said that he’s going to Taipei. O.O”’ That will mean… I’m the only one left in Taichung! =.=”’

Bored… I played games ever since YB left. Why? Because most of my things are “stuck” at BY. And then I have no access to Jira nor internet and I can’t continue to write anything new. Sigh… it’s quite difficult to pass time actually.

Finally off work! *Happily jumped around* I practically skipped my way to the Mos Burger, and then bought the instant noodle which I want to bring back. Watched the TV while eating after that, and online too! Life ain’t too bad actually… but will be so much better if my Darling is beside me! ^^ I’M GOING BACK TOMORROW! Yippie!

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