First Home Trip

It felt nice… nice beyond words… happy till I don’t feel like working. But yet I need to finish up some of the things on hand. Really happy… till I don’t know what to say… More than 20 days that I’m away from my home, away from SG… and today I’m going back!

YB still haven’t come back. Just now he called and asked to meet me at Taoyuan Speed Train Station. Well…

*Happily walked around and bought my lunch back home to eat…*

*Phew* Finally got into the train… Terrible in a way. I didn’t bring a lot of things back but still, there’s like the luggage (red), and my backpack (pink) with PiPi inside only, and the notebook, and lastly, the packet of pineapple biscuit. So that’s like 4 bags altogether. When I reached the train station, it was already 12.40pm, and the train which I intended to take, will leave at 1pm! I happily went to buy the tickets but there were these group of teens in front of me, think about 12 of them, and they were buying the tickets rather slowly. By the time I got to buy the tickets, it was already like 8 minutes left before the train leaves. I managed to reach the platform when the train arrives.

On my way back on the plane… *grinning…* I miss them all so much…

I’m HOME!!!

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