My New Boots. SUI!

Couldn’t wake up to go for K Lunch but I’M STILL SO HAPPY! Darling came to my house yesterday though he never go and fetch me. And it’s so nice to have him sleeping beside me and see him the moment I wake up.

For the whole afternoon, we never did much. He played the XBox while I was still so thrilled over my big bad of beads! And only till 3pm later, then Zhu Zhu left for home, to pick up his mum later. We had dinner at Kovan fish head. 3 of us, to celebrate his mum’s belated birthday. Nice. It’s been a long while since I’ve had some decent food. We went NTUC and got some of my stuffs, sent his mum back and he accompanied back home again. ^^ I kidnapped him… and his mum actually said, “Got people kidnap good already”. *LOL*

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