Home-made Sandwich

Tuesday already… so fast… Been staying overnight at Zhu Zhu’s house for the past 2 nights. Just now talk to June, she commented that my earrings are nice. Guess which one I’m wearing? It’s the 5 colours one, which I made myself until it’s like the shape of a flower! Not too bad right? Now eating the sandwich that Zhu’s mum made for me… Hmm… Been quite a while since I ate home-cooked food. Nice… Tonight will be meeting my mum and Godmum to shop at OG!

Do not believe the words from Ajiajo… it’s not very accurate. Sigh… 10 more minutes and I’m going to disappear. Going to meet my mum. So tired… For the whole day, I hardly finished my work. Having headaches… Don’t know why…

I don’t know why but somehow it just started. Can’t I nag a little bit? Grumble a little more than usual. 2 hours only but it seems rather long to me… Seems so wasted to be in the office or just hanging around. I’m back for only 10 days. Sigh… He just don’t understand. And giving that kind of ‘response’ isn’t that positive. Sometimes I’m really so sick of his temper, especially when that tenderness is gone. Damn it.

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