OG – Nothing To Buy

Another busy day at work… training, training, and more training work… questions, questions, and more people asking questions… *blur*

Today I’m going back home. Met mum to go shopping at OG. It’s the time to make the OG card again. Godmum cannot make it but ASAB came instead. No, not really a good thing. First of all, I went to shop not having the idea that I’m going to buy anything because everything seems so expensive to me. Anyway, I trying to save… TRYING only. Well… we didn’t apply for the card in the end. Mum, afraid that ASAB will lose her way, so she tried to keep her in sight. But by doing that, she can’t accompany me to see my clothes. So in the end, we don’t have the time to buy anything. Well, just too bad. I brought the aunties to take cab back home after that. $16+… but somehow… it doesn’t seem very expensive to me. Maybe because I’m used to that price when I’m in TC.

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