Last Day Of Work

Suddenly I felt like doing my own business again. After all… the project that I’m doing it with NN had tentatively paused because the clients had some internal conflicts which ain’t solve-D yet. So… right now, we are just waiting… and waiting… and plus the fact that previously I bought a lot of beads, somehow, now I’m a little inspired to sell things again but… I kept getting stuck, a bit reluctant to start, no inspiration on the designs etc. How?

Today, almost the whole day are spent on training. Well, at least I would say that it goes rather smoothly, considering it as the “virgin” training session. At least the effort put in is worth it. Met SG for lunch also. He will be going for operation soon, to cut off that hard hard thing, which according to him, is an enlarge part of an artery. Just hope that everything goes well…

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