Dental & Facial Day

*Yawn*… Today… I’m on leave… Flying off next week, so fast… The time seems to pass so fast when I’m back. I just came back last Friday and now I’m going back TW again. 2nd Trip. Oh well, have to get up, wash up and go meet my beloved Darling for lunch! And FK too!

Met them for lunch. Apparently there’s quite a bit of problem in the place they work. Firstly, LC got some problem after becoming the TL. He… you know… is those people who are a little bit more boastful and even when he’s not sure, he will say until that he knows. All I can say is, I’m quite sure that he’s really sincerely trying to help. And then there’s the BS, who wants to take over FK’s position. Hmm… I do admire her courage to raise that up, but maybe she should think and know how to prove that she is capable in doing it first before she approached the higher authority. Well, of course she was rejected and now it seems like she’s always trying to make things difficult for others, especially on LC who, sort of, took over that position. And yes, there’s the well-known CW who likes to consult in FK, when FK is leaving the company soon. I wonder how is he going to communicate with the rest when he always used FK as the medium.

Dental and facial went rather well except that at the facial, they tried to “tok-kok” me again. Asked me to “upgrade” my package, just need to pay another $1,700 and enjoy the IPL, which is so damn good for the face! 10 courses! *cough*… I have like 110 courses now (normal ones) and she expects me to upgrade and become only 10 courses (special ones), and each course costs like $580! Crazy… they think I print money is it? And the irritating thing is… that stupid lady kept talking to me when I’m doing my facial! Luckily that day my mood not too bad, else I think I will just shoot her directly.

Met Zhu Zhu and LC before I go shop around at Chinatown, while they went for their classes. Bought some useless things again and finally decided to surprise my Darling! I went to his house after that when I told him I’m going home. And when I opened the door, he was like “Eh, how come you are here?”. Yeah! Successful! ^^ My Darling is SO CUTE! Though really irritating at times…

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