Waste No Time!!

Rush till crazy… I woke up shortly after Zhu Zhu left for work, which was like 7am+ on a Saturday morning! Well… no choice… I’m the one who decided to stay overnight at his house. ^^ Changed and took the train back (faster). Reached HG and bought breakfast for my mum, which was like already 9.30am when I reached home. Then rest for 15 minutes and headed to LJ to meet SS for breakfast. Chatted till 11am+ and I went home. Rest for a while (at least it seems rather A WHILE ONLY) and left at about 2pm to meet Zhu Zhu at TB Plaza. He was a little late but at least not too bad. We bought something from NTUC and went to the TB market, finally reaching at about 3pm. Damn… hungry then. BY then suddenly messaged and asked me to call him, and realised that there’s a rather big typhoon heading to TW and I had to postpone my trip back (Yeah!). Anyway, ate a lot of food – chicken rice, zhui kueh and fried hokkien prawn mee. Then after that, we slowly walked back home, I really mean slow because by then, I’m at the edge of having blisters on my feet! Finally… able to catch a little bit of breath and… the two of us dozed off. The next thing I know when I woke up, the whole room was dark (I thought that it was going to rain). And when I looked at my watch… something struck me! It was already 5 minutes to 7pm! And we are supposed to meet K&G at 7.15pm @ Suntec City for dinner! =.=”’ After that, it’s all rushing, and deciding whether to go through the ERP and pay for that $2.00, which was a little too much (I find). Well, we finally reached and was late for 15 minutes only. Ate, laughed, joked and decided to go to the Villa Bali at the Gillman Village. Not too bad a place but I was too tired to really enjoy it. Sent Leon & GF back home at BD after that. Another K.O. day… But it’s worth it!

Oh yes, just some gossip… think there’s something wrong between FK and her BF because KC seems to be so pissed off with him.

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