Drawing Me

Headache… think it’s due to the prolong sitting on the floor, drawing myself! I mean, just the face. Wanted to try drawing and do those more “stylo” kind of website instead of the cute cute ones. But somehow, “my face” turned out to be so mature. Hmm… and of course the figure ain’t like me. I’ve got lots of fats overflowing. Well… its just drawings right? But it’s actually quite fun, though most of the time, I’m tracing out other pictures and filling it with colours. Petite Pep. Hmm… let’s make it successful this once!

Mum finally bought the sofa for $699 at Novena. Quite nice. Will be delivered on the 22nd. Went to buy ducks for dinner too. Zhu Zhu went back home for dinner. I didn’t. Oh… don’t ask me why. I’m not married yet, I seriously don’t want to go to his house and give “priority” to the male’s side. Whoever states that the male side is more important, ask that person to go and eat shit.

Dirtied my bedsheet yesterday so today had to sleep on the floor. Gosh… why are the two of us always playing until so late in the night before sleeping? *fainting…*

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