Why Are You Still Here?

This is the question that I got asked a lot, today. I was supposed to be flying off, if not for the Typhoon that hit Taiwan. Well… according to BY, it’s raining rather heavily today still. Let’s hope tomorrow the sky will be clear. This morning, Zhu Zhu and I left my house early in the morning and sent the car for polishing. So tired now. Lack of sleep. Then just now when I went to press money out, realised that my account left only like $12.09. Terrible… How did I end up like that?…

So sleepy. Managed to clear 2 SOWs but there’s a lot more to go. Now stuck at one… don’t felt like continuing. Just now had lunch with the admin girls. So different… I mean, normally I went with the guys to eat. Still owe TL $1.00… Where can I change?

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