BY kept asking me what did he do wrong with the QA? Actually… it’s not his fault (my idea), it’s the attitude of the people. It’s something you can’t change, isn’t it? I mean, you can try really hard but if they refused to do the way you want them to do, nothing can be done unless go by force, which I doubt he wants to.

Sigh… was asking LJ some questions, and apparently I think he’s rather busy. He replied a few and then after that asked me to go and checked with BY because he already explained to him before. =.=”’ Please… explain one more time also so difficult is it? Attitude people…

Look at PJ, he seems to be so much happier after the change in attitude! ^^ Good good… happy for him!

Sometimes my little Darling is REALLY SO irritating. The moment I reached home, I called him but his hands were wet so I decided to call him after that. And when I finally called, he kept chatting online with Ken. I don’t mind him chatting but what irritates me is the way he said that I’m KPO and then asked me to continue to talk when he’s not listening AT ALL! PUI!

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