Above 18 Years Old

Honestly, and seriously. I’m not comfortable with Zhu Zhu going out with that Jac girl. It’s the “girl” thing. I don’t really like my bf to have so many girl-friends. Especially when they start to pour out their feelings to him, and later getting him out so often. I have a lot of guy friends actually. I really mean a lot. I DO know that there’s nothing between them. And from the point that he told me that he’s going out, till I talked to NN, I’m actually still quite alright. But when NN brought out and mentioned things that I’m afraid of, it just comes back. The feeling of your bf, the one you love so much, being snatched away. It all… started as a friend… It’s just that simple. A simple meeting and catching up with friends. I don’t want arguements… I just need re-assurance. Not that I’m trying to feel that way. Not that I don’t trust him (maybe not her). I can’t control it once it comes back. I hate it when it comes back. I can’t breathe. I can’t sleep. I felt like crying…

I went to a Casino with the 2 uncles. First interesting thing, the Casino doesn’t play with money, it uses tokens. Secondly, the games are all weird weird ones, never see before. Thirdly, I got checked. The patrons MUST be above 18 years old. But why am I not feeling any happiness? =.=”’

No more Adidas jacket… How?

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