The Days Before Typhoon

Heard from BY on Saturday that there’ll be a typhoon coming. And from the news heard, it should hit Taiwan on Tuesday, which is tomorrow. And according to reports, 1-2 days before the typhoon, it will be really hot. Today… it’s freaking hot. Will the typhoon come tomorrow?

There seems to be a war inside the meeting room. IC was shouting. Then I heard HY… and YB is talking louder and louder… don’t know what goes wrong…

It’s really nice to hear from Zhu Zhu… although it’s just an email. Somehow, suddenly, I felt so warm and so loved. “have a gd day my baby piggy.” So sweet… ^^

It’s so difficult to get the SSD to help… sometimes…

Is it me? Or is it really true that all love will become so stale after a period of time? Or am I demanding too much? I’m a person who needs rather a lot of attention. I know that. Because I’m a person who don’t feel secure. Being alone overseas… is not for me. Yet, I do want to experience it. There’s a period of time when I’m single, I felt relax and free. No one to depend on. No one to care for. No one to put my attention to. But once I’m attached, I focused on my bf, which probably is bad. I believe most guys don’t like that. But how? Can I take back some of the love that I gave?

Sometimes I wonder… why is it that you ain’t there for your girlfriend, when she needed you? But yet you are there for other people? I think I need you more when I’m overseas than when I’m back in SG. When I say it out… I’m afraid that you will find me frustrating. So am I to keep quiet?

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