*** Milk Threats !!! ***

Hmm… Recently my stomach don’t feel too well, is it because of the milk?! O.O”’

8 products had been found to be dangerous in SG. I believed there’s quite a lot in TW… and… yesterday I realised that the cakes which I usually ate… ain’t on the shelf anymore… could it be…? O.O”’

I think YB must be going nuts. We finally went out for a late dinner, and YB kept talking and talking, I meant rubbish. And when we finally reached a dining place where all of us agreed (Tea Work), he started to say he wanted to go KTV and sing until 6am. Seriously, I thought he was joking. I mean, definitely not till 6am, but the KTV itself is a rather big joke already. And he did complain and say that he’s going to concuss soon. But guess what? We really went for KTV, and sang till 2am! My Darling? He fell asleep after reaching home from basketball session. Tomorrow he’s going for Tennis… Oh… so free… But… I’m not going to ask him so much already.

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