NN Going Back To SG

I found it rather weird when I never see NN online, but then I suddenly remembered… She’s going back to SG today! So good… Well, at least she’s back to see her loved ones, and of course, her new GF. Hmm… Just wondering… How come I never like her before? *LOL* Think maybe because we both are the “male” side. *LOL* Don’t worry, I’m straight but she’s really a very good friend of mine. Oh yes… and there’s the CC’s wedding. I haven’t manage to get my dress yet. Hmm… who should I get if I’m getting married? To be those sisters? SC (Pri), SS (Sec), CC (JC), NN (Uni), CT (Work). Hmm… seems rather a good combination right? Oh gosh… I’m not getting married yet! And Zhu Zhu asked me to save $15,000 in 3 years! Gosh… it’s so difficult for me to save $1,000 a year, and he expected me to save $5,000 a year! *faintz*

I think I getting blur… Wanted to reply to CT, but in the end, I replied to myself =.=”’ Well, I asked DW to help me to subscribe to the roaming already. Don’t want to waste the “receive SMS” money already!

So sleepy… Already 4.42pm. Today Zhu Zhu never email to me… so sad… sigh… Tonight he’ll be going for dinner with FK. Sigh… What is love? Hmm… what should I eat tonight? Am I going to do earrings again? Or… something else? Bracelets? Necklaces? Hmm… maybe I should just finished up all the materials for the earrings. Then I won’t keep thinking about it. I still find, for earrings, there’s a lot of variations, whereas for necklaces and bracelets, it’s rather the same.

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